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The elements of MenaCRM

Winning and retaining customers is a vital ingredient to keep positive satisfied customers. MenaCRM by 01Tracks is a customer relationship management that help companies to create a long lasting relationship with customers by providing outstanding engagement tools to sales and marketing teams to monitor customer statuses.

MenaCRM is one stop do it all customer relationship management system aimed to reduce cost and increase profitability by providing various modules to manage customers, leads, opportunities and accounts at a 360 degree view.

Representing and evaluating business rules, roles and logic are implemented easily with MenaCRM using the Business Rules Module. It offers to represent real business rules in MenaCRM at different scopes using various parameters as needed.

Decision making is important for managers to make precise and effective decisions for that MenaCRM comes with an advanced reporting engine to generate reports in various formats such as tabular, graphical and analytical reports. MenaCRM capabilities cover many aspects significant to businesses of different shapes and flavors from General Settings such as company setup and security management to Application Settings such as product catalog, relationship management, campaign management and salesmen targets are all right up your ally to preserve healthy satisfied customer relationship.

Accessibility? Don’t mention it. MenaCRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management system. We also offer mobile CRM application that enables you to manage your customer relationships on your mobile devices from anywhere anytime.

MenaCRM is a result of continued research and consideration of customers’ feedback bringing intelligent and creative diversity of well-studied additions into MenaCRM making it an excellent fit to many businesses of different flavors. From a human resource perspective change of software could be a struggle for many employees that’s why at 01Tracks we have decided to give MenaCRM a social media look and feel to ease the transition and acceptance of our CRM system.

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