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MenaCRM® is cloud-based, user-friendly Customer Relationship Management Software, which does not require any software to be loaded on users’ computers. It allows you to have a 360 degree view of your customers, leads, and competitors, it is a pay-per-license/month solution, operational with existing Internet access, rapidly configured and deployed to best fit a company’s business needs.


MenaCRM® can generate, manage, and report on leads, opportunities and track results from first contact to won or lost business, so it helps to improve efficiency, reduce administration time with its minimal resource requirement and does not require the Information Technology (IT) support or other resources, and let you focus more on your business by reducing the time taken to search for information by providing a centralized service.


MenaCRM® is a software that’s helps you execute your business strategy which is directed to understand, anticipate and respond to the needs of an enterprises current and potential customers in order to grow the relationship value.


  • Ease of Use.

  • Sales Process Automation.

  • Opportunity Management.

  • TIme & Task Managment.

  • Communication & Group Collaboration.

  • Sales Reporting & Analysis.

  • System Administration.

  • Lead Management.

  • Opportunity Management.

  • Accounts Management.

  • Contacts Management.

  • Competitors Management.

  • Product & Service Management.

  • Approvals & Workflow Management.

  • Attachments Management.

  • Territory Management.

  • Partners Management.

  • My Chatter.

  • Business Rules.

  • Report Generator.

  • Custom Graphs and Reports.

  • Service and Support Management.

  • Campaign Management.

  • Activity Management.

  • Dashboard Customization.

  • Integration with Outlook.

  • SMS Integration.

  • Sales Men Target Management.

  • Template Management.

  • Customization Management.

  • Help Desk Integration.

  • Price List Management.

  • Email Marketing.

  • Data Import/Export.

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