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MenaTracks is a powerful ITIL web-based service desk solution handling incidents and requests. It provides an interface for other activities such as change, problem, configuration, release, service level, and IT service continuity management.


MenaTracks helps you in managing and solving your business internal and external incidents. Organization customers’ incidents can be reported directly by the customers using their MenaTracks account or indirectly by passing their incidents to a helpdesk team who will enter it on the system to be tracked for follow up and referencing.


MenaTracks users can save time and effort with the system’s automated Email and SMS notification feature.


Users can subscribe to be notified for specific projects/incidents having a certain priority for them; MenaTracks will notify those users for any change happening to the incident (whether it is newly created, closed, opened, reopened …etc).

  • ITIL Web-based service desk solution.

  • Access Rights Management.

  • SMS/Email Notification.

  • Integration with Active Directory & Domains.

  • Level of Authority.

  • Business Rules.

  • Multi Language Support.​

  • ITIL Web Based Service Desk Solution.

  • Multi Language Support.

  • Multi Project Management.

  • Access Rights Management.

  • Level of Authority.

  • Business Rules & Workflows.

  • SMS/Email Notification.

  • External Access.

  • Integration with AD & Windows Domains.

  • Customer Survey.

  • Asset Management.

  • Dialogue and Audit trail of Request (Incidents, Service Request & Request for Information).

  • Saved Queries.

  • Predefined Incidents and Solutions.

  • Powerful search engine.

  • Discussion Forms.

  • Portals Management.

  • Attachments Management.

  • Public and Private comments.

  • Built-in Workflow.

  • Incident Management.

  • Remote Access Control.

  • Service Level Agreements.

  • Agreement Maintenance.

  • Advanced Reporting.

  • Knowledge Base Management, FAQs, Articles and Resolution Incidents.

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